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CRIPCAS: a unique centre, with expertise in both research and intervention!

The Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Intimate Relationship Problems and Sexual Abuse (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les problèmes conjugaux et les agressions sexuelles, CRIPCAS) is an interdisciplinary consortium of 31 permanent researchers, 57 collaborators, approximately 60 partners, as well as 300 graduate and postdoctoral students. Located at the Université de Montréal, it brings together six other Québec-based universities. CRIPCAS is unique due to its research programs focusing on both sexual abuse and intimate relationship problems, as well as the interface between these two issues.

Given CRIPCAS’ vocation, a number of its researchers also work as clinicians, whose work is therefore rooted in practice. The partnerships and collaborative efforts set up in a number of practice settings lead not only to knowledge development around best practices, but also to the development and evaluation of several intervention models.